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Crossroads Outdoor, also known as Crossroads Digital Outdoor, L.L.C. is a Michigan, family-run billboard advertising company committed to our advertisers and dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Our focus remains on serving our clients modern advertising needs with the help of digital billboard placement and programming. Our All-Digital Billboards have programmatic capabilities and our attention to detail means your ads will be fresh, relevant and timely.

Today’s business world is challenging. With people having a variety of products and services to choose from, it is essential that your business stands out. A great way to separate yourself from the competition is by targeting your audience and creating brand recognition. That’s where we come in! Billboard advertising is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. We’ll integrate your business ideas with our creative talent to develop a billboard campaign that will get noticed.

Crossroads Digital Outdoor currently has digital billboards in the Detroit Metro DMA and west Michigan.  Cities include Troy, Royal Oak, Dearborn Heights, Lansing, Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. We are Michigan's only digital-only billboard company and the only billboards in Troy.

Crossroads Digital Outdoor welcomes you to look around our website at and conduct your own outdoor advertising billboard research. We are confident you will find that our coverage area coupled with the expertise in the Outdoor industry will help your business grow and succeed. We look forward to hearing from you whether you wish to advertise with us or if you are interested in leasing or selling your outdoor advertising-worthy property. Crossroads Digital Outdoor wishes you a fabulous day and best of success.



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"I want to thank the team at Crossroads Digital Outdoor. Your entire team has been very responsive whenever I have a question, and also very creative with their approach to advertising. I particularly want to thank Steve Sarkon for his expertise."

"We wanted to thank you for your support and let you know that you have exceeded our expectations as our sales representative. Your continuous attention to detail with little things, response times, and assisting us with ad creation has just been phenomenal.

It's people like you that help make our business a success."

"Steve Sarkon regularly demonstrates that he truly cares for the zoo as a client and he works hard for us. We are excited for the upcoming season and the great success we're going to enjoy from working with Steve and his team."